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Open daily - Closed Sunday night
Infantil menu available

El Fuelle: The Restaurant - Museum typical Aragonese more representative of the city

el fuelle restaurante

Located in the heart of the old city, with thousands of years of history, is a must for the traveler who wants to know more typical gastronomy of Aragon.

The decor and atmosphere of this museum-Bar-Restaurant evokes bygone days, crafts and customs of our people.

The best price-quality-service in the city. Come and visit us if you like the family atmosphere and simple, stay or eat dinner. You will see how elaborate and authentic Aragonese cuisine prepared wood stove and a large hearth-grilled.

Personalities, globally known: As artists, politicians, business people, great musicians, persons associated with the sport and even members of the Spanish Royal Family have visited and signed the book of the House.

Do not leave without knowing Zaragoza; admire the culture of Aragon, its cuisine, its history and the good treatment of its people.

VISIT US! We are at your disposal, always with our best smile.

el fuelle restaurante



A veritable museum of Aragonese tradition.
Environment typical Aragonese to sample the best of our cuisine.

el fuelle presentacion

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Our wine list

  Viña Mayor. Ribera del Duero Tinto Roble 15.50  
  Prado del Rey. Ribera del Duero. Tinto Roble 16.00  
Corona de Aragón. Cariñena. Crianza
  Corona de Aragón. Cariñena. Reserva
  Viñas del Vero. Somontano. Crianza
  Gran Vos. Somontano. Reserva
  Viñas del Vero. Blanco 13,00  
  Viñas del Vero. Rosado 13.00  
  Danium. Somontano. Tinto 14,00  
  Señorío de Lazán. Somontano. Crianza 15.00  
  Señorío de Lazán. Somontano. Reserva 17.00  
  Marqués de Tosos. Cariñena. Reserva 17.00  
  Marqués de Cáceres. Rioja. Crianza 16.00  
  Viña Salceda. Rioja. Crianza 16.00  
  Beronia. Rioja. Crianza 16.00  
  Beronia. Rioja. Reserva 19.00  
  Suazo Gastón. Crianza 16.50  
  Suazo Gastón. Reserva 21.50  
  Flor de Añón Verdejo. Borja 13.00  
  Botella de la Casa. Tinto-Rosado-Blanco Cosechero 7.00  


el fuelle  

el fuelle reservas

Bodega Restaurante El Fuelle : C/ Mayor 59 : 50001 Zaragoza : Teléfono Reservas 976 39 80 33